Building a Fountain/Wrap export tool, with some extras...

It's just Fountain, with some extras...

Fountain is a format in which you can write screenplays. Wrap is a combination of a parser/exporter and an extension of Fountain that lets you write both screen- and stageplays in different languages.

What is Wrap?

Wrap is an open source command line tool that is able to convert Fountain and Wrap files into a correctly formatted screen- or stageplay as an HTML or PDF.

Fountain is an awesome format to write screenplays in English, Wrap builds upon this to add support for different languages and stageplays whilst still fully supporting normal Fountain files. All this in a FOSS package that you can use straight from the commandline.

Why Wrap?

Free and open source

With all code published on GitHub under the GPL, Wrap will be free to use for everyone, forever.

Cross platform

Provides a simple command line interface as a single file binary for the three main platforms: Linux, Windows and macOS.


Wrap was written in Go with performance as a main priority, it is able to turn Big Fish into a PDF in under 200 ms and an HTML in under 20 ms!

Multi language

Wrap was initially started to extend Fountain to support other languages. Wrap now supports English, French, German and Dutch, but more languages are planned for the future.

HTML export

HTML is understood by almost every computer there is and can, obviously, also be used to share your script with the rest of the world on the world wide web.

PDF export

The most popular archival and interchange format there is. Assures that your work can be viewed in the future, be identical everywhere and be brought onto paper.

Get started

Wrap is currently under full development, however there is already an early (and rather stable) version availabe.